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Great Deals On Guided Tours

Tour Packages

If your vacation feels incomplete without a guided tour, we have several options for you to choose from at Roatan Webster Tours. We have guided tour packages to suit any budget or special request. Check out our website for updates on special deals and seasonal sales. It is time to start touring today. What are you waiting for?

Note:  These are some of our basic tours you will find more tours available once you click on Book Now


City tour/Plus sloths and monkey hang out

$45 Pp Tax Included

Highlights: Interact with monkeys and sloths, learn about wildlife species.

Amenities : Air Condition vehicles, Transportation to/from the port, entrance & guided tour around the park

Duration : 2 to 3 hours approx.

Payment Method : Cash or PayPal.

City tour/sloth and monkey hang out, is one of the most used excursion on the island of Roatan Honduras, this excursion take about 2 to 3 hours depending on traffic and all the stops you make doing the tour, transportation back and forth the ship and City tour, the City tour consist and showing you around the City making stop at sightseeing doing the tour and giving information about the island and last of back to the cruise terminal.


Horse Back Ride, Sloth Park and Glass Bottom Boat

$95 Tax Included

Highlights: Horse back riding along the Caribbean sea side, Wild & unique experience


Duration: 5 hrs approx.

Minimum: 2 persons

Payment Method: Cash or PayPal.

Transportation and activities fee included

Sloth and monkey hang out, Horse back Ride and Glass bottom boat, this excursion take about 3 to 5 hours depending on traffic and all the stops you make doing the tour, this excursion include entrance to park, horse back riding, glass bottom boat and transportation back and forth the ship, at the park it take about 35 to 45 minutes way you will interact with monkeys, sloths, birds and different animals, after that you will be headed to do the horse back riding this takes about 45 to 60 minutes way you will be riding through the jungle and water getting full experience and very nice picture, after that you will be going on the Glass bottom boat way you will be seeing the second largest Coral reef in the world a lot of different sea life to see this take about 45 to 60 minutes.


Zip-Line and Snorkel Adventure

$85 Pp Tax Included

Highlights:  Extreme Adrenaline, Snorkeling in a top 5 world wide beach, Second Larges Coral Reef in the World.

Amenities : Air Condition vehicles, Transportation, Visit Top hill view

Duration : 4 to 5 hours approx.

Price : Adults $75 Pp | Kids (3-11 years) $45 Pp

Payment Method : Cash or PayPal.

This excursion take about 4 to 5 hours depending on traffic and all the stops you make doing the tour, first you will doing the Zip-Line takes about 45 to 60 minutes here the zip line are consist with different platform way start and stop until you reach to end at each platform you will have chance to take pictures or video, your never to old or heavy to do the Zip-Line hold up to 350 pound, after that you will be headed out to Snorkel this take 45 to 60 minutes here you will provided with life vest and snorkel gear or you can bring your own snorkeling gears, you will be going out in a barge about 10 to 15 minutes to the Coral Reef way you will be following your Snorkel guide at all time and all instruction given.


Roatan Free Style Tour

Duration: On Customer Time.

Minimum: 1 persons

Payment Method: Cash or PayPal.

Transportation Included

Location: Choose Places

 Private Tour

Price: 1 person $50 Pp

Price: 2 persons $35 Pp

Price: 3 persons $30 Pp

Price: 4 persons $25 Pp

5 persons and up please

Contact Us for Group Rates

This is the cost of transportation only; all activity fees will be charge separately.

Payment Method: Cash or PayPal.

Roatan Freestyle Tour: Is a tour specially design for cruise ship passengers like you. Arriving at Mahogany Bay Roatan or Island of  Roatan Coxen Hole Honduras. As soon as you meet up with us at your cruise terminal we’ll start you off on a wonderful historical tour through the Island of Roatan. While visiting our island there are certainly many exciting activities and things to do during your day.unique and memorable vacation. Feel free to enjoy your time abroad, one destination at a time.


Little French Key (Full Island Package)  Plus Sloths And Monkey Hang Out 

$115 Tax Included

Highlights: Discover little French Key paradise, Daniel Johnson Sloths, Water Activities.

Amenities : Round trip transportation, Lunch with 2 drinks, snorkel gear, kayaks & paddle board.

Duration : 5+ hour.

Price: $105 Pp. Adults | Kids (3-12 years) $75 Pp.

Minimum: 2 Persons

Payment Method : Cash or PayPal. 

Round trip transportation to and from our facilities and a comfortable boat ride to Little French Key Private Island.

Great and delicious Fresh Island Style Lunch served on the private island, which includes Beef skewers, Barbecued Lobster and Shrimp, marinated Chicken Breast, fresh homemade Yucca Chips, fresh homemade Salsa, Rice and Beans and Island Salad.

2 drinks of your choice.

Use of all our facilities and all non-motorized equipment such as snorkeling equipment, Paddle Boards Kayaks, water beds, water chairs, chaise lounges, and more.

3 minutes before you reach to your destination as you go on your tour your guide will be taking for visit at our preservation Sloth And Monkey Hang Out, where you can get the opportunity to interact with our monkeys and Sloths, macaws, parrots and many others even feed and play with them as they jump on your shoulders,( they are very friendly ).


 ATV Freestyle Package

$100 per ATV
Ride freely or with Guide

We offer this outdoor activity with a private guide if you don't want to travel around the island alone you have that option, here the island haves one mean street up and down is really hard to get lost no GPS needed but you will have one map of the island to your disposal, here on the island you can ride around on ATV is legal you only have to wear a helmet which we will provide you once you reach us. two person can ride on one ATV no worries if you have a partner or kid above 9 years they can ride with you no extra cost, so if you have a group of 15 or 20 you can do double on each ATV just given you a example, all ATV is Full with gas can last up 6 to 8 hours ride, if you are a first time rider no problem these ATV are really easy to operate we give you a riding instruction before taking off.

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