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 ATV Freestyle Package

$100 per ATV

If you have group size for over 10 ATV please contact us. for a special rate.

If you at a Hotel on the Island contact us.

We offer this outdoor activity with a private guide if you don't want to travel around the island alone you have that option, here the island haves one mean street up and down is really hard to get lost no GPS needed but you will have one map of the island to your disposal, here on the island you can ride around on ATV is legal you only have to wear a helmet which we will provide you once you reach us. two person can ride on one ATV no worries if you have a partner or kid above 9 years they can ride with you no extra cost, so if you have a group of 15 or 20 you can do double on each ATV just given you a example, all ATV is Full with gas can last up 6 to 8 hours ride, if you are a first time rider no problem these ATV are really easy to operate we give you a riding instruction before taking off.

Automatics ATV is one the best ride you can find on the Island, from the mean street to dirt road also will have a private guide at all time.

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